Among Consortium's duties are the preservation of quality and the control of wines. In order to fulfil its tasks, the consortium can carry out all the activities that the Community and national laws have ascribed to it, in conformity with law n.164 dated 10th February 1992.

In particular:

organizing and managing the activities of the categories involved in the production, and marketing of each denomination as regards specific skills, in order to defend the denominations;
carrying out a specific activity to assure the fulfilments of wine producers, the observance of laws regarding the production, as well as the preservation of the denomination from moral subjugation, unfair competition and other unlawful acts, defending the interests of the consortium, including civil responsibilities;
carrying out the necessary measures, increasing the importance of the denominations as regards the technical profile and image;
co-operating with institutions and subjects having the same tasks, in order to promote and create initiatives aimed at sustaining the production of wines and other protected products.
The users of the labels "Denominazione di Origine Controllata" and "Indicazione Geografica Tipica" can be members of the consortium, carrying out one of the following productive activities: vine-growing, vinification and bottling.
In addition even the following subjects can become part of the Consortium:

Iondipendent or associated farmers involved in one of the above-mentioned productive activities;
cooperative wine growers'associations involved in the vinification and bottling;
all those subjects carrying out the vinification and bottling of protected wine.

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